From the recording The Birth of the Bombay Oysters

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MP3 version of the opening tune.


High and Lonesome

I get high and lonesome – since you went away.
I get high and lonesome – since you went away.
I’m a flyin’ kite – up in the night, and I’m drinkin’ every day.

Not quite sure what I did to her, but it broke the Camel’s back.
She steamed out like a locomotive on a runaway track.
Since love is crazy, I’m hoping that maybe baby wants me back.
I got nothing to do, no one to talk to – now that I’m alone.
Stewin’ in a pot of misery – till the meat’s come off the bone.
I’m dopin’, mopin’, my heart is open – hopin’ that you’ll come home.
She was everything I could ever want – I loved that girl the most.
I sit here daily - raise a glass, with nothing around to toast.
And when I say the spirit fills me,
I don’t mean the Holy Ghost.
I’m a flying kite – I know it ain’t right, but I’m drinkin’ every day.