From the recording The Birth of the Bombay Oysters

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2nd cut from the CD, mp3 format


Room to Swing (Rock Song)

This here’s a rock song
I wrote it down for you
And the boys down in the coal mine
They’re singin’ it too

And my basalt heart
Is beatin’ cold and hard
And my granite hands
Are crumbling into sands
On a lonely beach
Because you’re out of reach
For me….

And you can’t disguise
Your bloodshot diamond eyes
They’re shining pink and green
They shine like tourmaline
And your geode heart
Is broken into shards
For me…

And the rock-pile hammer handlers
Are bustin’ everything
But all they really need
To set them selves free
Is a little room to swing…
Room to swing.


Now here’s your rock song
The sand runs through the glass
Down in the mine I’m waiting for the time
To take its sweet time to pass

But I’ll break my bones
To cross the rocks and stones
And give up all my jewels
To get on back to you
Melt my opal eyes
For to never cry a gain


And the rock-pile bauble sellers
Are peddlin’ diamond rings
But honey take my hand
Can’t you hear the band?
We just need room to swing…
Room to swing.