From the recording The Birth of the Bombay Oysters

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the third cut from the CD in wave format


The Candle light

Cindy blew out the candlelight; Cindy blew out the candlelight,
Cindy blew out the candle that night – like she did the night before.

Billy had a client coming in the next day, the job wasn’t finished, so he needed to stay.
He needed to work until the A was was okay. 10 o’clock, 10 miles away:

(refrain harmony)

27 copies makin’ sure they’re stacked with 49 pages, printed front and back, with
nine hundred fifty-five figures and facts - no thought at all for the clock in the back, as:

(refrain harmony)

6 o’clock, seven, then 8 o’clock, 9. Something starts itchin’ in the back of his mind.
Something ‘bout picking up a bottle of wine, he figured it out at the very same time that:

(refrain harmony)

Cindy blew out the candlelight; she put on a coat – out into the moonlight.
Got in her car, waved goodbye, to all of the things she was leaving behind:

(Refrain harmony)

Like she did the night before.

Like she ain’t gonna do no more.