From the recording The Birth of the Bombay Oysters

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The fourth track, wav format



Andy’s got a barber shop at 23 South Main
You’ll get a real good haircut and he remembers all our names
There’s coffee on the table in the corner in the back
When it comes to cuts and shaves and trims, Andy’s got the knack

His shops in a building that was built in 1910
The old wood floor’s worn by the feet of 100,000 men
No women, nope, no women- never did perms or waves you see
It’s a cigar-smokin’ paper readin’ masculine retreat

There’s an old console radio right up front for all to hear
When ya ask he says with pride “it’s a Silvertone from Sears!”
Still got the pressed-tin ceiling, and an ancient barber’s chair
Andy says “this ain’t no fashion show- I’m here to cut yer hair!”


Andy’s got a barber shop at 23 South Main
He’s had a couple of heart attacks, but he hangs in just the same
I don’t know what I’ll do if he ever closes down
There aren’t too many shops like Andy’s left around this town

A haircut costs 10 bucks, a razor cut’s eleven
Young moms come in and complain “I can go to Super Cuts for seven”
Andy just stands silent, ‘til they go on their way
And when their gone he’ll lean in close, in confidence, in say-

“ Ya know, as I get older, my patience’s wearin’ thin-
I never liked her kids that much- I hope they don’t come back again”
Then he laughs, cuts, the scissors click, the electric shaver hums
He brushes off your neck and ears “Ten bucks my friend, you’re done.”

The old men go to sit and talk of wars and better times
Remembering their sons first cut when they were four or five
Younger men like me go back, driven by tradition
So Andy can lower our ears again, the sacred manly mission

Andy’s got a barber shop at 23 South Main
You’ll get a real good haircut, and he always know your name
I think that I’ll keep going ‘til he closes it for good
Places like Andy’s make the best kind of neighborhood.