1. Edgy mp3

From the recording The Birth of the Bombay Oysters

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The sixth cut, mp3 format


I’m edgy ‘bout the way things are
Edgy ‘bout the car I’m following
He’s tapped the brakes just a few too many times

The radio has gone all static
Too many cobwebs in my attic
I can’t remember why I’m out here drivin’

I’m not really mad, not really scared
Run my fingers through my hair
If I could I light a smoke, but I quit twenty years ago…
I’m edgy

The moths fly through the headlight beams
Like ghosts of memories I can see
Your face when I look up to the sky

I think of you in that blue dress,
It nerves me up, I must confess
I’d testify right here under duress

The holes in the cloudy night
Make me think of your dark eyes
So black and deep like wells that run
Your smile shines on me like the sun

9000 miles from you to me
The slow grind of bureaucracy
Puts me on edge, can’t sleep right
Must be why I’m out here tonight…

Its getting light, the moons gone down
I guess I’ll turn the car around
Head back to town to start my day

For now I have to be alone
Without you I’m a standing stone
To gather moss until you’re here to stay