From the recording The Birth of the Bombay Oysters

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The eighth track from the CD wave format


Your own backyard

My momma told me back when I was younger
(She said) Lessons come to dear and all to hard
(she said) mind your P’s and Q’s, make sure you pay yer dues
And always only mind your own backyard

Mind your own back yard – tend your own garden
And the flowers that you grow will turn out right
Take care of your own – and let the others tend the
weeds that are growin’ on their side

My Family went to church most every Sunday
We heard the preacher tell us about the Lord
He said never pass the blame – you’ll never feel the shame
As long as you can mind your own backyard

I have got a family of my own, now
And when I see the finger pointing start
(I say) mind your P’s and Q’s – make sure you pay your dues
And always only mind your own back yard.