From the recording The Birth of the Bombay Oysters

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The ninth track from the CD wave format


The Andover Night

Sunset, sinking over the tree line
To my back as I drag my old bones on back to my home
(as the) evening shift starts to arrive,

Twilight, it’s the time when the change comes,
It’s the time when the shadows get long, and the legends come on,
(as we) wait for the time to arrive.
For the Andover night.

It’s a long time, from forever to home.
From the morning when I ply my trade, till the end of the day
When I head for the darkening sky.

Past the highway – that I’m leaving behind
As I move through the Notch to the sticks along suicide six
(like a) gauntlet you run for the prize.

Everthing’s right as it should be. Me and the kids and thousands of lights.
The sky is so clear – there ain’t no city near
Under the Andover night.

The rustling breeze coming out through the trees is a choir on the wind.
A diamond cut right is a beautiful night as we wait for the dance to begin.

I find, in the day when we all fly,
(our) own separate ways, when the folks are at work and the kids are in school
and nothing seems worth this old chore.

Evening, when I’m finally home.
(That’s when I see why) its worth the drive when I finally arrive,
(and) remember what I’m working for.

The sky is so clear – the stars are so near,
Under the Andover Night.
Under the Andover Night.